Команда форума
12 Дек 2020
General provisions:

1. The Administration monitors the discussion and, if necessary, intervenes in its course, based on the Rules of the Forum.

2. The Administration has the right to change and go beyond the Rules at any time.

3. The topic or message created by any participant is the property of the forum, and not the one who created the topic.

4. Topics should be created in the sections of the corresponding topic.

5.For the most part, personal messages of forum participants are not moderated.

6. Moderation is subject to the BOS of moderators containing insults, if there is a screen provided. The penalty is imposed in accordance with the Rules.

7. Forbidden mat and insult on the Forum.


1. Before creating a problem topic, use the "search" function and get acquainted with the depth of the" study " of the problem, perhaps the answer already exists.

2. The design of the title is essentially showing the problem, not the emotions.

3. Create a topic in the appropriate section and in the specified form, this guarantees a faster solution to the problem.

4. Quoting the interlocutor is minimal or do not quote if your message goes next. Multiple repetitions of the same thing, especially on the same page, are unnecessary and clog up the forum.

5. Messages of a personal nature, private discussions-of little use or useless for other participants (flame) - transfer to the "private communication" mode (PM) or use e-mail.

Violations on the project forum

In the framework of communication on the forum is prohibited:

1. Incitement and provocation of quarrels, quarrels, swearing, etc.

2. Placement of topics and posts that are not related to the gameplay

3. Flood, when a person is CONSTANTLY marked in all topics in a row, with the lack of information in the posts on the subject / section subject.

4. Haterstvo - excessively malicious statements, in which anger is in the first place, and the meaning, logic and arguments are somewhere behind. This kind of fasting is prohibited.

5. Publication on the forum of a number of materials containing: pornographic materials, scenes of violence, or materials that cause strong negative emotions.

6. Propaganda of violence, fascism, Nazism, incitement to ethnic hatred, racial / religious insults in any form.

7. Publication of materials and links related to third-party software-cracks, wares, bots, exploits, and other things that can be attributed to unfair play.

8. Necroposting (raising very old topics) is not welcome. Meaningless necroposting of several topics at once is prohibited. Necroposting in news sections is strictly prohibited. Raising an old topic in order to ask a meaningful question about the topic of discussion is allowed (only for non-fludil topics).

9. Publication of private information and photos / pictures without the express permission of the owner of the private information and the person depicted in the photo/picture. Publication of information from closed sources that do not involve the dissemination of information.

10. Publishing messages about leaving the server, distributing the equip. In addition, it is forbidden to mention who and where is going to go, even if this player/group/clan does not play on our server. On our forum, you can discuss the game only within the framework of our project. Exception: official Lineage 2 servers.

11. Publication of messages about the sale/purchase for real money (including the indication of links in the trade sections about participation in the auction, the indication of out-of-game contacts).

12. Publication of referral links and other types of advertising of anything, both related to the game and unrelated to Lineage2.

13. Mention of third-party project servers that were opened earlier (within 2 months) or that will be opened in the future (no matter in what time period). Discussions of other servers / projects, even if they have ceased to exist at the moment (with the exception of searching for players from these servers).

14. Dispute or swearing with the moderator/administrator in open sections about his / her professional actions (namely moderation). It does not apply to disputes when the moderator / administrator participates in the discussion as a player or as an interested person.

15. Creation and use of a new forum account by a blocked user.

16. Create forum accounts that duplicate existing forum accounts.

17. Conducting anti-advertising / demotivating activities in relation to the project or to other project participants.

*We understand that the gameplay itself in LineAge involves an opportunity for a showdown. We are for a healthy holivar. But attempts to move on to:
- clarifying personal relationships between forum participants;
- description of events that are not related to the gameplay, as well as the placement of materials that are not related to the gameplay;
- attempts to describe the processes carried out on other players, their relatives and pets will
be punished to the fullest extent of the letter and spirit of these Rules.

We also understand that the list of actions prohibited on our forum does not fully describe them, and, in this regard, we ask you not to perform actions that contradict the interests of the project administration.
In case of violations of this rule, we will issue a preliminary warning with an explanation of the reasons.
Subsequent actions that cause damage to the reputation of our project will be considered as malicious, and the forum account from which these actions were performed will be sanctioned in accordance with the Forum Rules or the decision of the project administration.

The penalty for the violation is issued at the discretion of the moderator or administrator.
In accordance with the soft moderation policy, punitive measures will only be applied in extreme cases, when simple warnings will not be successful.
As a preventive measure, after deleting or editing the offending message, the Administration can use the following penalties:
* Verbal warnings (which is also an Official warning or Official Requirement) in the violator's message;
* Warning (warning);
* Ban on writing messages;
• Blocking access (ban);
• Permanent (indefinite) account ban;
* Ban by IP address.
In case of violation, the Administration has the right to block the IP address that was used for this purpose. You should carefully monitor the persons who use your network access to avoid misunderstandings when it turns out that your IP address is banned due to someone else's violations.

* Ignorance of the rules does not exempt you from responsibility for their violation. By confirming the registration, you automatically agree to the Project Rules and the User Agreement.